Sarnaya Oil Presale

Sarnaya Oil Presale

Stop using skincare oils made by burning rainforests. Sarnaya Oil for face & body is brewed sustainably with fermentation instead, just like beer.  The world's first batch of Sarnaya ships to you in March 2020. 


    Sarnaya Oil is buttery, deeply moisturizingand ultra clean.  It is perfect for use on chapped/dry skin, hair and nails.

    Sarnaya Oil is brewed sustainabily in the USA in sterile fermenters, the same way beer is made. Sarnaya is not processed in oil refineries like other plant & seed oils.  Oil refineries are a primary source of manufacturing contaminants in skincare products (google 1,4 dioxanes to learn more!)  Sarnaya is ultra-clean, vegan and cruelty free.  We believe cruelty-free also means not driving wildlife extinction by burning rainforests to make skincare.  Wear your values on your skin. New clean technologies are giving you better choices.  Be proud to use Sarnaya.

  • SIZE


  • Ingredients

    Biosimilar Palm Oil (derived from L. Starkeyi)

  • Shelf Life

    Please use within 12 months of opening

  • Use

    For use on face & body skin, hair and nails only