There is an orangutan in my bedroom...

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

This advertisement got 13 millions views in 4 days. Then it was banned.

This ad is powerful. However, it is even more powerful when you realize that palm oil is actually better than the previous alternatives to palm oil. Palm oil is 4-10 times more land efficient than other vegetable oils that can replace palm oil, such as rapeseed and soybean oil. If we replace palm oil with another plant based oil, we would actually have to burn more forestland to meet global oil demand for consumer products.

Sarnaya Oil replaces palm oil with sustainable & natural yeast fermentation, just like how your bread and beer are made. We don't have to hide the bad news about palm oil anymore because now there is a viable alternative. Sarnaya Oil is the first oil that can replace palm oil without causing risk of even further deforestation. Support brands that switch to Sarnaya Oil. These brands are leading on your values and protecting your children's world. Ask your favorite brands to switch. Wear Sarnaya Oil proudly- you are literally changing the world.

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