Stop using skincare made by burning rainforests
Introducing Sarnaya Oil
Introducing Sarnaya Oil

Deforestation for your beauty oils emits carbon equal to 4 MILLION flights

around the WORLD 


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Sarnaya Oil is made differently

No deforestation, No mega emissions

No oil refineries

Sustainable - Natural - Ultra clean



Palm oil is destroying your planet

It's near impossible to find skincare made without palm oil.  You won't see "palm oil" in your product ingredients, but it is in there- hidden in over 200 different chemical names like stearic acid, cetearyl alcohol, PEG X. Tropical deforestation for palm oil emits more carbon than the UK, Japan, Australia and California.   Palm oil deforestation is driving extinction of orangutans and sumatran tigers. However, palm oil requires less land to produce than other beauty oils like coconut, rapeseed, etc.  Replace palm oil with a different beauty oil to meet increasing global demand, and deforestation accelerates. Palm is terrible for the environment, but it is actually the best option we have. Sarnaya Oil is made differently than other oils. Sarnaya is made without farming land for plant & seed oils and without drilling for mineral oil and petroleum. Sarnaya Oil is made naturally by yeast fermentation, just like your beer and bread. This oil is buttery, ultra clean and provides superior moisture for skin, hair and nails.  Sarnaya Oil is not processed in oil refineries like other oils.  Oil refineries are a primary source of beauty oil contamination by carcinogens.  No deforestation, no massive climate impact, no endangerment of wildlife and our children's world.  Just ultra clean moisture.